Service Contract

We offer burner service contracts on your heating system, which covers emergency service 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If any part that is covered on the contract malfunctions due to normal wear and tear, we will repair or replace it at no charge.
No other parts are covered under this service policy.
For the complete plan, click on link above.

24 HOUR “EMERGENCY PROTECTION”:  Krall will provide service for the replacement or repair of the covered parts under this plan at no cost to the customer during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 6:00a.m.-4:00p.m.).  We will also provide service 24 hours a day between October 1 & April 15 at no charge for “no heat” calls only.  For all other non emergency calls after hours, such as noises, smells, no hot water, etc., the customer will either have to wait for our normal business hours or pay the prevailing hourly rate for service calls.  The decision to wait or not will be solely Krall Oil Companies.

Please call for a full copy of the complete burner protection plan.


Air Filter
  (maximum 2 per year-heating only)
  (disposable 1” filters only)
*Aquastat (single only)
*Aquastat (L8148A only)
Blower Belt
Blower Motor (up to ⅓ hp)
  ($50 surcharge for a/c units
   May 15 - September 15)
  (½ hp motors and larger are
   not covered)
Blower Pulley
Burner Coupling
Burner Motor 1725 (up to ⅛ hp)
Burner Motor 3450 (up to ⅟₇ hp)
Cad Cell Eye
Cad Cell Relay
   (7184P, 7457U, 8184G only)
Carlin Primary Control
  (Taco 007, Wilo Star 21 series)
  (maximum 2 hours labor covered)
  (1 per year)
Circulator Coupling
Circulator Motor
   (B&G, TACO, 100 series only)
Circulator Relay (R89A only)
Emergency Switch
Fan & Limit Control
Fire Valve
Fuel Filter
Gauge Glass & Washers
Nozzle Line
Oil Filter Cartridge
Oil Filter Complete
Mini Fuel Pumps
   (1725, 3450 and clean cut)
Pump Coupling
Pump Strainer
Pressure Trol
*Taco Power Head
  (1 per year)
Tank Gauge only
Thermostat (1 per year)
     T87K Round
     T8775 Digital
     Aprilaire 8344
     Honeywell 3000
     Honeywell 5000
Toggle Switch
*Transformer (Ignition)
*Transformer Terminals
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Service Contract
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