Oil Storage Tank Monitoring

Do you live in Greater New Haven, Connecticut and use oil as your primary fuel source? We’ve got a brand new solution for your storage tank monitoring needs. There’s no longer a need to trek down to your basement every week to check your fuel oil storage tank’s fill gauge.

All you have to do is pull out your smartphone or tablet to check your storage tank levels. Or, don’t check at all! You can be automatically notified when your fuel levels fall below the designated tank level (¼, ⅓, ½, etc.). Automatic delivery customers can have peace of mind knowing an oil delivery will be scheduled when the level gets to ¼ tank. Will call customers know it is time to request a delivery. Introducing Smart Oil Gauge™, the heating oil gauge—reinvented.


How It Works

  1. Rent a Wi-Fi gauge that we install on your oil tank
  2. Download the free Smart Oil Gauge app to your smart device
  3. Automatically be notified when your heating oil level reaches the designated level


Benefits of Oil Tank Monitoring

  • No Run-Out Guarantee

    If you’re an automatic delivery customer with tank monitoring and you run out of oil, we’ll provide you with 50 complimentary gallons of oil and emergency service to restart the system.

  • Total Heating Oil Confidence

    Get total confidence when it comes to the fuel oil in your tank to heat your home. Check your levels anytime and anywhere. It’s never been easier!

  • Push Notifications When Your Tank Gets Low

    Don’t stress out about whether or not you’ve checked your oil levels recently. If you allow notifications, the Smart Oil Gauge app will send you reminders when it’s at your requested tank level (¼, ⅓, ½, etc.).

  • Long-Lasting Replaceable Batteries

    Your tank monitor runs on long-lasting lithium batteries that can be replaced after a year or two when they run out of charge. Your smartphone will even tell you when the charge gets low!

  • Check Your Oil Levels from Anywhere

    We’re in the 2020s—there’s no need to go to your basement to check your oil levels anymore. Check fuel levels from your bed, couch, or while out running errands. It really is that simple.

Ready to step into the future and monitor your oil tank levels right from your phone? Contact us today to request a Wi-Fi tank monitor of your own!